YG Family 2014 - BIGBANG
My first encounter to BIGBANG was around late 2011 and what brought me to them was Seungri. I saw him in Family Outing with Kim Hyun Joong and I feel bad for him to be compared with the "flower" KHJ. Then, I heard "声を聞かせて" Koe o Kikasete (Let me hear your voice) and Seungri's solo album VVIP and What can I do. And without I realise, BIGBANG Seungri pulled me into the (BIGBANG) fandom.

I thought I had passed my phase to fangirl to a band since Backstreet Boys. Ahem.. I was wrong =_=!

I feel I'm lucky though, in 2012 BIGBANG released ALIVE album, and I went to their concert for the first time. Then 2013, they performed for Singapore F1 Friday evening concert. My boss had 3 days pass and he didn't have interest on Friday practice session, so he sold the pass to us. In 2014, GD-YB-Seungri hold a fan meeting in Singapore. Tonight I'm going for YG Family concert but I guess tonight performance will slightly feel different because Seungri won't be joining. Hmm, can I still be excited and looking forward to watch it?

Maa ne, I hope he will recover soon. And, I'm grateful that I can go 3 years in a row! (but it's not healthy for my wallet na)

My classmate told me that, since Tika-san now is in her SMAP mode, I can talk have more topic to talk with Tika-san.
(She's Arashi fan)

I have 2 close classmates after learning Japanese for almost 4 years in Singapore. One of them is huge fan of DBSK and the other one is Arashi. As for me, I like BIGBANG and SMAP. So I come in between 2 of them. (hee..)

Although I like BIGBANG, I give more attention to their Japanese activities than in Korea. I like Japanese (language) more than Korean after all. I bought their Japanese albums than the Korean ones. (although it costs me a bomb to order it from Amazon JP. Therefore I can't do it often, because my wallet will scold me to receive too much damage ^^!)

(As I mentioned in my previous post) I like SMAP because of Takuya Kimura (after watching his dramas). Their song that I heard for the first time is 世界にひとつだけの花 (Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana) (I think..) then Simple and Stay were my favorites for quite some time.

However, there were a period where J-pop was absent from my life because I listened to western pop more (I think because of Glee too). I don't have any particular fave artists though. So, just follow the chart or maybe based on the YouTube recommendation.

I'm catching up those blank periods now.. ^^!

Journey to LifeJournal
Blogging is not a new thing for me because I have my own blog site. However this community pulls me because of my recent celebrity crush, SMAP. A boyband from Japan. (知ってる?聞いたことがある?)

I like SMAP since few years ago, but I lost track of their updates because for some reasons it's hard to find their updates. (Well, maybe I'm quite lazy to research too back then). Among the 5 members, the first one I know is Takuya Kimura because of J-dorama. He's good and rich of expression. Although after watching series of his drama, there are some similarities of the character he portrayed. But, I still watch his drama (and movie) a lot.

The second one I know is Katori Shingo. I watched his few drama like Bara no Nai Hanaya or Shiawase ni Narou yo.

I've heard about the Masahiro Nakai, the leader, is a great MC although he's also famous for his bad singing. But I never watched his TV program. Then, the first time I saw him is in Ataru, the movie, while I was flying to Shanghai for business trip.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, I heard about his drinking incident before I know more about him. My friends told me that his dramas were pretty successful despite the dramas were quite heart wrenching.

The last member, Inagaki Goro. I didn't know about his activities outside SMAP. I saw him in Hana-Kimi although he's making a brief appearance as a teacher and 13 Assassins. Then few weeks ago, I stumbled into his drama "Busu no hitomi ni koishiteru" ブスの瞳に恋してる in YouTube. I found him quite funny and attractive.

After that, I watched TAKE FIVE, Dokushin Kizoku and now ATARU (the drama).
(Not to mention to their Fuji TV 27 hours non-stop show which aired recently)

I think, I have lots of things to catch up with these 5 wonderful men since the last song that I was hooked into was Simple and Stay which was released more than 5 years ago.

(Almost forgotten) When I tried to find more about them, I found that most of the fandom are in livejournal. Therefore I decided to make one for myself. So that I can follow the other fans to get more updates about them. (みんな、よろしくお願いします!)


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